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Are you looking for a hypnotherapist in the Ayrshire area?  Well look no further, Mark Twigg is a fully qualified and insured Ayrshire hypnotherapist specialising in directive-hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy can help most people when other traditional treatment or willpower alone has failed, hypnosis was first defined as a practice with genuine merit in 1892 by the British Medical Association:

“The Committee are of opinion that as a therapeutic agent hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments”

Hypnotism has come a long way since the Victorian era and has often come under the scrutiny of the medical professional and researchers, many reports have been written on the effectiveness of the practice and there is very strong evidence that hypnotherapy is indeed a reliable and effective treatment of chronic pain and psyhco-somatic disorders such as addiction.

During your sessions Mark will place you into to a state of deep relaxation but contrary to popular belief you will always retain consciousness, understand what is happening around you and afterwards have a clear memory of what took place.

While under hypnosis the mind is more open to suggestion and you are more able to focus and concentrate without distraction, Mark will give clear direction to you while you are in this state allowing your heightened awareness to focus all of your mind on achieving your objectives.

Hypnotherapy is very different to stage hypnosis, this is purely for entertainment the techniques and practices used are completely different as the subject tend to not be aware of their actions and act in a way they would not do normally.  During a hypnotherapy session you will always be aware of your surroundings and your actions.