Break Habits

Ayrshire Hypnotherapy to help stop your bad habits!

There are so many bad habits that we fall into, whether it be biting your nails, cracking your knuckles or interrupting others when they talk, more often than not you bad habits impact upon the way others think about you.  You have already taken a big first step in identifying your habit and deciding it is a bad one, we can help you take the next steps.

A habit is just an automated response to the situation you are in, like breathing it happens without you thinking about it and gives you relief from the circumstance you find yourself in.  Habits normally form as a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety or bordem or simply give you pleasure which is missing from other areas of your life.  Negative habitual behaviours are almost always linked to lowering stress or getting pleasure, identifying these links is an important step in stopping the behaviour itself.

Hypnotherapy Habit Treatment

  • Help you understand your habit, become more self aware and identify the triggers of your habit.
  • Increase motivation and willpower to overcome your habit by identifying its negative impact and highlighting the benefits of change
  • Teach you relaxation techniques that can help you manage triggers
  • Teach you hypnosis and self hypnosis so you can help build your own confidence and relaxation
  • Use hypnosis to imagine the triggers and negative habitual responses and replace them with the desired reaction
  • Use hypnosis to improve you own self image and confidence as this is often an underlying issue

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