Fight Phobias

What Scares You?

Hypnotherapy has been proven as an effective treatment of irrational fears, if you have a serious phobia you will know the effect it can have upon your life making everyday tasks terrifying ordeals.  A phobia is a fear of an object or situation which drives the suffer to great lengths to avoid it, often excessive to the danger it actually presents.

Our Approach

  • Mark will teach you how to effectively relax yourself
  • You will learn self-hypnosis and techniques to allow you to build greater self-confidence and control
  • Together we will analyse your phobia and the component fears associated with it
  • Once these stages have been completed and you are comfortable with the environment and the techniques we will start to desensitise you to those fears.  This is done by having you imagine the fears while in a safe environment and deeply relaxed under Hypnosis.  By repetition and verbal reinforcement you will become more able to cope with the fears after the sessions, changing the phobia to a normal and manageable response.

The steps described above combine “systematic desensitisation” and Hypnotherapy to give effective results more quickly.

Treatment Duration

After your first session you should notice a considerable improvement and have a real sense of achievement although the effects of a single session are likely to not last long.  In order to overcome a phobia for the long term three or four sessions would often be required.  We can also offer a “Fast Phobia” treatment which condenses treatment into a single longer session, there is evidence that this can be effective for many sufferers.

Common phobias that can be effectively treated by Hypnotherapy in Ayrshire

Fear of Spiders
Fear of Heights
Fear of situations where escape is difficult
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Thunder & Lightning
Fear of Injections
Fear of Flying
Fear of bacteria and dirt
Fear of Surgery
Fear of blushing
Fear of meetings
Fear of small spaces
Fear of being or going insane


There are many more phobias that hypnotherapy can help with so please get in touch if you are in or near Ayrshire and the South West of Scotland and take back control.

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