Do you experience difficulty sleeping?

Ayrshire Hypnotherapist to help you sleep

Not getting enough sleep can really impact upon your life and happiness, stop you concentrating, affect your work and your relationships.  The most frequent cause of insomnia is stress and worry which can lead to muscular tension and anxiety over sleeping.

Other causes:

  • Physical illness which causes pain
  • environmental noise
  • depression
  • shift work
  • caffeine
  • alcohol

Hypnotherapy and its relaxation techniques have been proven as an effective solution for many people who find it difficult to sleep.  The main aim of hypnotherapy when treating insomnia is reducing the stress and anxiety of the sufferer.  It has been found that reducing the stress using relaxation techniques while under hypnosis can improve all symptoms associated with insomnia.

Hypnotherapy is a known and recommended treatment for persistant insomnia, so please speak to your doctor and ensure you have a sound diagnosis of insomnia before seeking the help of a Hypnotherapist.

How many Hypnotherapy sessions will be needed to treat my insomnia?

One of the great things about Hypnotherapy is that it is really quick, even after the first session you should have a good idea of how the treatment will help you.  Everyone is different and some will respond more quickly than others but in just a few sessions you should see significant improvements in your condition with natural sleep restored.  In order for Hypnotherapy to prove an effective permanent solutions we recommend around six sessions.

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