Lose Weight

Do you want to loose weight, but are fed up with dieting?

If you have ever watched the new series of Secret Eaters on Channel 4 then you will know that many people who are overweight have no idea what is the cause of their weight gain.

Watch an episode of Channel 4’s Secret Eaters here.

What this current programme clearly shows is what medical professionals and dieticians have always known, treating obesity and weight gain is about treating the mind, not just the body.  The reason fad diets dont work is that they dont change the way you think about food, they dont deal with why you over eat they simply stop you doing so for a short period of time in an unsustainable way.  There is no miracle cure to weight loss but the solutions are really simple, eat fewer calories than you use and you will lose weight, eat more than you use and you will get fatter.

What hypnotherapy will do is change the way you see food, not by banning certain foods but by allowing you to understand the impact of your choices and give you the strength and willpower to make better decisions.  Hypnotherapy is also a proven treatment for many of the issues which can lead to over eating and weight gain such as low self esteem, stress, lack of motivation and chronic pain.

Based in Ayrshire we offer hypnotherapy so you can quit the fad diets and lose weight in a natural and sustainable way and have the slim and healthy body you have always wanted.

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