IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Hypnotherapy has a long proven effectiveness in treating chronic pain such as IBS.  This page is about Irritable Bowel Syndrome in particular but Hypnotherapy can be just as effective in many other types of chronic pain which are difficult to treat.

Hypnotherapy for IBS relief in Ayrshire

What is IBS?

Irritable Bowle Syndrome is most often diagnosed when the symptoms can not be explained by any other condition, there is no known cause but it is widespread effecting around one in ten of us.  It is most common in women between the ages of 25 and 45 but can affect men and all age groups.  IBS presents a number of unpleasant abdominal symptoms often including pain, bloating and wind.  Stress is also understood to be a contributing factor and this is a possible reason Hypnotherapy has such a positive impact for so many sufferers.

NICE, the national institute for health and care excellence has recommended Hypnotherapy as a possible treatment for those who do not respond to pharmaceutical treatments, please feel free to have a look at their website here.

IBS Hypnotherapy

The main aim of hypnotherapy when treating irritable bowel syndrome is reducing the stress and anxiety of the sufferer associated with the gut.  It has been found that reducing the stress using relaxation techniques while under hypnosis can improve all symptoms associated with IBS.  Further to this Hypnotherapy is very effective in reducing the perception of pain, what is great to know is that IBS is diagnosed only by its symptoms if Hypnotherapy can successfully treat the symptoms then it can be considered to have effectively treated the condition.

Hypnotherapy is a known and recommended treatment for persistant IBS so please speak to your doctor and ensure you have a sound diagnosis of IBS before seeking the help of a Hypnotherapist.  Other conditions which can be effectively treated by medication or changes to diet such as Lactose intolerance can be mistaken for IBS.

How many Hypnotherapy sessions will be needed to treat IBS?

One of the great things about Hypnotherapy is that it is really quick, even after the first session you should have a good idea of how the treatment will help you.  Everyone is different and some will respond more quickly than others but in just a few sessions you should see significant improvements in your condition.  In order for Hypnotherapy to prove an effective permanent solutions we recommend around six sessions.

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