Need help to stop smoking?

Ayrshire hypnotherapy to help you quit cigarettes

We are all only to aware of the health benefits of stopping smoking but it is really difficult, nicotine is a highly addictive drug, in fact it is one of the most additive drugs in the world.  When you smoke a cigarette or cigar the drug moves from your lungs to the brain really quickly, in about seven seconds and stimulates the release of Dopamine.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which effects mood and appetite as well as other brain functions.

Smoking can help you relax, help you concentrate and suppress your appetite, reasons why many people hang out to a habit that they know if damaging their health, quitting is incredibly hard as withdrawal symptoms include anxiety and mood swings and can last for long durations.

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a proven treatment to help you quit!  Hypnotherapy, when match with your willpower can give you the determination to quit, the clarity of why you want to quit at moments of weakness and can help limit the impact of withdrawal.

Whats in a cigarette?

When you smoke a cigarette a combination of over 4000 chemicals are inhaled into your body.

Increases heart rate and blood pressure almost immediately.
You can also find this chemical in toilet cleaners.
An ingredient in many nail polish removers.
A highly poisionous metal used in batteries
Stains fingers and clogs up the lungs
Yep, the stuff that comes out the car exhaust, too much will kill you./tab]
A lethal gas used in Nazi gas chambers during world war two.
Quite simply, its a poisson.

Smoking increases the chance of getting cancer in almost every organ of the body, heat disease and serious lung disorders, it is estimated that smoking causes 110,000 premature deaths every year in the UK alone.  In Ayrshire and Arran around a third of male and a quater of female deaths are caused by cancer, a third of all deaths are caused by circulatory disorders and around 15% by respiratory problems, all of these can be caused by smoking.

How can you quit?

Visit your GP surgery and a trained and experienced nurse can assess your addiction and offer advice of how to give up smoking. This will help around 10% of people become long term quitters.
Stop smoking groups are organised by the NHS and offer support to people looking to stop smoking. Working alone or in groups with a therapist sessions try to improve motivation and skills to cope with cravings. About one in seven will quit for six months or more after taking part.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy substitutes the Nicotine in cigarettes with gum or patches and allows the smoking to break the habit of lighting up while controlling the withdrawal symptoms. Once the habit is broken the smoker can reduce the amount of Nicotine replacement and eventually quit altogether. NRT will help around 1 in 20 become a long term quitter.
Bupropion and varenicline are medications which ease withdrawal without using Nicotine itself, stimulating the brain to release dopamine or stimulating the Nicotine receptors of the brain constantly. Depending on the medication between 1 in 15 and 1 in 8 will quit. As with other medications there are side effects and you should always consult your GP.
Hypnotherapy is a complimentary treatment and can be used in conjunction with any of the mainstream approaches listed here. It has been proven that using more than one approach is the most successful method to quit smoking for good. Some studies have shown as many as 1 in 2 smokers who use hypnotherapy become long term quitters.

What Now?

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